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Customer Feedback and Testimonials

The MouseBean® Hand Rest is generating very positive feedback and we receive many kind comments from satisfied customers. Some of our users (including the editor of a leading computer magazine) have reported almost instant relief from specific RSI and MSD symptoms. Compared with conventional wrist rests, serious mouse users have said they really feel a big improvement when using a MouseBean® Hand Rest and our customers keep coming back to order more for their relatives, friends and colleagues. Here are just a few examples from our files:

Back Care Advisor - Nottingham City Hospital:
"After half a day of using the MouseBean® Hand Rest, one our secretaries was 'hooked' and we now recommend them as a first line wrist support for staff who have DSE assessments done by us. One of our back care advisors has placed her order for one to use at home and I am about to order some more!
They seem to be a rousing success and I have introduced them to our physiotherapists who, hopefully, will recommend them to patients who have upper limb disorders."

Dawn from Sunderland:
"I have used your MouseBean Hand Rest rest for a short while now and I must say what a difference it makes. For many years I have suffered from back pain, shoulder pain, pain in my arms and hands which has been exacerbated through the use of a computer and I have had three Carpal Tunnel operations on my fingers. Since using the MouseBean Hand Rest I have seen a significant reduction in pain during the day-to-day use of my computer - it is amazing what a difference it makes - I am doing my best to convert others to the MouseBean - it is invaluable and so comfortable to use. I did not find my previous wrist rest very comfortable or ergonomic. Best wishes and good luck for the future."

Mary - Photographer/Genealogist - Shepperton:
"About four years ago I developed carpal tunnel syndrome due to excessive amounts of keyboard and mouse work in my job. It was so severe that I had to retire earlier than planned and have the carpal tunnel operation on both hands."

"My hobbies include digital photography and genealogy for which I have computer software and wanted to continue to use my computer. I found this very difficult because even after the carpal tunnel surgery I was experiencing other difficulties. I developed inflammation of a tendon in my right hand (I am right handed) and this was excruciatingly painful."

"I purchased the MouseBean Hand Rest in January of this year and it has been an absolute godsend. Provided I have frequent breaks I am able to continue with my hobbies without difficulties. If my son hadn't drawn my attention to your advertisement on the web, I am convinced that I would have had to give up computer work altogether. I hope my experience will help others who have similar problems."

Simon - Web Applications Developer -
"Before I started using the MouseBean Hand Rest I was coming home from work with sore hands/wrists and a weakened forearm. The day I started using this device I started to notice the change; now the pain has gone in my mousing hand and work is no longer painful. Every mouse should be equipped with one of these amazing pieces of equipment."

Marion from Newton Abbot:
"I've already got one MouseBean (after seeing press reports) and can't think how I managed before. No aching right arm now - it's fantastic - I've just ordered another one for when I help out in the office."

"The MouseBean Hand Rest is wonderful - a real breakthrough in computer use. Everyone should use it!"

Lesley from Nottingham:
"After having had an operation on my left hand due to Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (painful to say the least), I have used the "MouseBean Hand Rest" for over two weeks and have found that I have not experienced any problems with the "tingling" sensation in my other hand (the good one!!!). So, all in all, it's a great success. Well done you lot!!!!"

Joanna from Reading:
"I have just received my MouseBean Hand Rest for my mouse at work and it is wonderful. I have already noticed a reduction in the amount of pain I get in my wrist when working."

Mr Gibson of Peterborough:
"After seeing your product mentioned in the Kelly's I column in the Mirror, I decided to order one for each of my family. We all use PCs for long periods and I am suffering from RSI/Carpal Tunnel Syndrome which is beginning to affect how long I can use a PC. So, I am very pleased to say that your product has given me a new lease of life with little or no sign of the pain I was experiencing, even after long periods of use. Hopefully it will prevent my children having any problems at all. So thanks; brilliant product; well done!"

Diane from Staffordshire:
"What a lovely surprise! This is so good for me as I had terrible problems with my arm!! (even after using one of the conventional gel mats... in fact I think they were the cause...LOL!!! Your product is so sweet and it also felt right. My arm is feeling better already... I am going to see if Staples stock your product and if not, I am going to agitate a little on your behalf to see if we can persuade them! Many thanks again for your excellent customer-relations. I will definitely recommend your product to all my Internet friends."

Mrs Anderson from Middlesex:
"I received my MouseBean® Hand Rest - BRILLIANT!

I am 55 and have used assorted keyboards within my employment for 25 years or more. It was not until my job created a situation where I had to use a mouse that I had problems. I had keyboard and mouse pads with wrist rests but I found both restricted movement and slowed input.

I am now registered 30 percent disabled for life and have lost my high salaried employment. After only a short while of using your invention, I am sure, had it been in existence 7 or 8 years ago, I would not be suffering loss of earnings and frequent pain. THANK YOU"

Mr Ashton from Kent:
I am a computer programming professional with 15 years experience; 11 years of those with extensive mouse use. Just a month ago I visited my GP complaining of pains running through my fingers and forearm. I had a good idea that the cause was RSI/CTS but I wanted another opinion. After seeing an article in the Metro newspaper, the MouseBean® Hand Rest was ordered. It felt a little unusual at first but after using it for only three days, I can definitely feel the benefit in my wrist and forearm. I have ordered two more and will definitely be spreading the word."

Wade from Alberta, Canada:
"Thanks for the fast shipping! It was sent on the 11th and arrived on the 18th. I'm loving my MouseBean® Hand Rest so far; it seems like a really great product."

Mr Idsø of Norway:
"This seems like a great product! I used it at work today, and noticed a great improvement in terms of stress on my arm and wrist. Thank you very much."

The above comments are published with the kind permission of the authors. The views and personal opinions expressed are not those of MouseBean Limited and the company does not necessarily endorse their contents.

National Press

Daily Telegraph
"Overuse of the fingers with a bent wrist can lead to inflammation of the protective tendon sheath and the risk of repetitive strain injury. Another potential risk is carpal tunnel syndrome, which triggers painful tingling in three of four fingers – usually at night. This nifty gadget worked first time for me and I became an instant fan; it moves easily about the mousemat and I am glad my niggling pain did not have time to get worse."

*NEW* Testimonials

Simon (Web Developer)
"Before I started using the MouseBean Hand Rest I was coming home from work with sore hands/wrists and a weakened forearm. The day I started using this device I started to notice the change; now the pain has gone in my mousing hand and work is no longer painful. Every mouse should be equipped with one of these amazing pieces of equipment."

Tips for Safer Working

Take regular breaks. Short breaks, even for a few seconds, can help to reduce the risk of some types of cumulative trauma. If you work under pressure and find it hard to remember to take a break, then download and install a simple Rest Break Timer (see our links page). You'll soon grow to enjoy a quick stretch every so often and the minor interruption is a very small price to pay for feeling more relaxed.

Sit Properly. Get yourself a good chair and make sure it is properly adjusted to suit your body height and desk height. Your elbows should be about level with the desk and you should have plenty of leg room to avoid static postures.

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