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Report on a Trial of the MouseBean® Hand Rest
by David Tibbs MS, FRCS. Consulting Surgeon. Oxford.

I am a retired surgeon who now uses a computer mouse over long periods whilst preparing surgical illustrations, and I am prone to carpal tunnel syndrome. Examining the MouseBean Hand Rest I found that it successfully met the requirements originally intended, so that:

  • The base of the hand rests comfortably on the two cushions without the need for any support by the fingers or the shoulder and arm muscles. In this way, the tendons passing through the tunnel are relaxed and this spares the median nerve from otherwise continuous pressure.
  • Median Nerve Protection
  • The gap between the two cushions ensures that no external pressure falls upon the line of the median nerve, thus removing this unfavourable possibility.
  • Fine adjustment of the mouse position is easily made by the fingers without raising the hand (in fact, more easily than without the hand rest). The effortless gliding of the hand rest, again without raising the hand, easily permits wider movement of the mouse across the mouse pad.
  • The wrist is supported in the favourable mid-position where structures in the tunnel can operate with least stress.
  • Correction of Wrist Angle
  • There is no difficulty in keeping the mouse and MouseBean Hand Rest together and the hand can be raised instantly to go to the keyboard and then readily repositioned on the hand rest.

I was quickly converted to this simple but effective device. The annoying onset of tingling and numbness in my thumb, index and second fingers had ceased to occur.

Note on other forms of RSI. Other varieties of RSI may well benefit from use of the MouseBean® Hand Rest because the hand and wrist, so well supported on this gliding device, are relaxed. Finger movements are no longer made against unduly tensed tendons trying to control fine movements while bearing the weight of the unsupported hand and arm. These factors can only be beneficial.

Who should use the MouseBean® Hand Rest?
Undoubtedly the MouseBean® Hand Rest is pleasing to use and any computer operator would be well advised to use one without waiting for the symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome, or any other form of RSI, to develop. Certainly, any sufferer with mild symptoms should use a MouseBean® Hand Rest to avoid the onset of more severe symptoms and possible lasting damage. Those who have an established carpal tunnel syndrome may find that the device will allow them to return to work without the need for surgery. But why wait until your median nerve shows signs of distress? Try it now!

About the Author:
David Tibbs is a retired surgeon who has treated many patients with carpal tunnel syndrome (although not necessarily related to using a computer mouse) by simple advice on wrist positioning (such as wearing a splint overnight), or, in severe cases, surgically to open up the tunnel by dividing its overlying ligament. He has long been aware of his own incipient carpal tunnel syndrome, and with his previous experience and the need to prevent his own symptoms, he was happy to encourage John Crocker in the development of the MouseBean® Hand Rest.

Copyright © 2000 D Tibbs. All rights reserved. Used with permission.

National Press

Daily Telegraph
"Overuse of the fingers with a bent wrist can lead to inflammation of the protective tendon sheath and the risk of repetitive strain injury. Another potential risk is carpal tunnel syndrome, which triggers painful tingling in three of four fingers – usually at night. This nifty gadget worked first time for me and I became an instant fan; it moves easily about the mousemat and I am glad my niggling pain did not have time to get worse."


Simon (Web Developer)
"Before I started using the MouseBean Hand Rest I was coming home from work with sore hands/wrists and a weakened forearm. The day I started using this device I started to notice the change; now the pain has gone in my mousing hand and work is no longer painful. Every mouse should be equipped with one of these amazing pieces of equipment."

Tips for Safer Working

Take regular breaks. Short breaks, even for a few seconds, can help to reduce the risk of some types of cumulative trauma. If you work under pressure and find it hard to remember to take a break, then download and install a simple Rest Break Timer (see our links page). You'll soon grow to enjoy a quick stretch every so often and the minor interruption is a very small price to pay for feeling more relaxed.

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