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MouseBean® Hand Rest receives MacWorld's Four Star Rating
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Latest Press Release Latest Press Release
PDF 3 Pages 17KB
MouseBean information leaflet on RSI/WRULD A4 3-fold MouseBean Information leaflet
RSI/WRULD & the Computer Mouse
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Fitting instructions A4 Instruction sheet
How to attach the coupling to the mouse
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Magnetic Coupling Modifications A4 Instruction sheet
Magnetic Coupling Modifications
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MouseBean Hand Rest side view 854KB
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MouseBean Hand Rest six pack display box Six Unit Counter Display Box
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MouseBean Hand Rest display stand 12 Unit Display Stand
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National Press

Daily Telegraph
"Overuse of the fingers with a bent wrist can lead to inflammation of the protective tendon sheath and the risk of repetitive strain injury. Another potential risk is carpal tunnel syndrome, which triggers painful tingling in three of four fingers usually at night. This nifty gadget worked first time for me and I became an instant fan; it moves easily about the mousemat and I am glad my niggling pain did not have time to get worse."


Simon (Web Developer)
"Before I started using the MouseBean Hand Rest I was coming home from work with sore hands/wrists and a weakened forearm. The day I started using this device I started to notice the change; now the pain has gone in my mousing hand and work is no longer painful. Every mouse should be equipped with one of these amazing pieces of equipment."

Tips for Safer Working

Take regular breaks. Short breaks, even for a few seconds, can help to reduce the risk of some types of cumulative trauma. If you work under pressure and find it hard to remember to take a break, then download and install a simple Rest Break Timer (see our links page). You'll soon grow to enjoy a quick stretch every so often and the minor interruption is a very small price to pay for feeling more relaxed.

Sit Properly. Get yourself a good chair and make sure it is properly adjusted to suit your body height and desk height. Your elbows should be about level with the desk and you should have plenty of leg room to avoid static postures.

We're Listening

Please with your experiences. We are always interested to hear your views on computer-related problems, especially in the hand, wrist and arm.



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